How to get a refund

Step 1

Identify the credit card transaction in question from your credit card statement as you'll need to reference specific pieces of information in order to request a refund using iCAN4Consumers.

Step 2

From this same website , initiate a Refund Request with the following information:
  • The name of the business, website or customer service number found in the description of the charge on your credit card statement.
  • The first 6 and last 4 digits of your credit card number. By only requiring a partial credit card number, we can best protect and secure your information when securing a Refund on your behalf.
  • The name of the bank that issued your credit card.
  • The Transaction Date of the original purchase found on your credit card statement.
  • The Amount charged for the original purchase found on your credit card statement.
  • The email address you may have used with initial purchase which is typically utilized by the merchant in sending customers notifications such as a purchase confirmation.

Step 3

You'll immediately receive a confirmation message / email that your Refund Request has been successfully submitted along with a confirmation number that you'll need to reference if at any time you'd like to talk to our iCAN4Consumer support staff.
It could take up to 24 hours to secure your refund at which time the credit is actually initiated.

Step 4

You'll then receive another email update that your refund has been secured at which point it will take 5 - 7 days for the credit to post to your credit card account.
And we're always available at iCAN4Consumers support to provide assistance in checking the status of your Refund at (855) 660-3214!